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I chose to do the song visualization assignment because I do it all the time. Maybe not in video format, but any song I hear, I get mental images of a story. This assignment was in the bag from the moment I saw it. I just had to pick a song from a very extensive list. Yet, as it always does, I found the right song to incorporate into the project. This assignment was fairly easy. I collected images together in iMovie and added the song. The hardest part of this movie was editing how the song match up to the images and how transitions or movement affected the video.

Not only do I like this song because it is upbeat and catchy, but it also has earned its place in my quirky family. Every time we see a car wash, either passing by or going through, I crank this song loud and sing along. It seems like the appropriate thing to do in the situation. It helps that my mother and sister join in. I have always had a love for the automated car washes that spew pretty foamy colors on your car. It is a bubble paradise and a whole lot of fun to watch when it gets rinsed off. Yet, there is also something therapeutic about hand-washing a car (I enjoy the job of vacuuming out the car, especially if it is extra-dirty). Being able to unplug from the fast-paced daily flow of life and being able to find joy in something do small is something that everyone should be able to do.

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