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Audio Assignment #3 – Sound Effects Story – 3 Stars

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For my third assignment, I’m going with a three star assignment called Sound Effects Story.  I believe I worked on something similar to this assignment in a previous blog post, but I thought that I’d go ahead and do a different sound effects story since I had fun with it last time.

Using, I found five clips.  Alarm Clock, Yawning, Footsteps, Door Opening and Closing, and Shower.  Mixing them in Audacity, I created the effect of a ‘typical’ morning routine.  I thought that the story that I created represented a typical morning for any given person.  Sure you might do things a little differently, but I believe that my mixture of sounds creates a good vibe!

Let me know what you think!

The other sound story that I created was this one:

I really like the scary one, but I had to create something new.  I hope you enjoy them both!

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