Return to the Silent Era

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Return to the Silent Era

The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form is the silent era- convert to black and white, add effects to make it look antiquated, replace the audio with a musical sound track, and add title cards for the dialogue. As a prime example, see Silent Star Wars.
One of the best sources for music is Incompetech or the Internet Archive. For the title cards, try a google image search

This is a 5 star assignment

I chose this assignment because it really interested me.  I never have seen a silent film and that’s because they were not around when I was growing up.  I picked the movie Monsters Inc and the song to go with .  I wanted to make this funny Disney Pixar movie to look more scary and suspenseful.  I know the assignment said that the movie  trailer should be 3-5 minutes but it is hard to find a movie trailer that long.

In my pre production work I reviewed two already done silent movie trailers.  One was for the Disney Pixar’s Up and the other was for The Hunger Games Silent Trailer.  I really enjoyed watching both of them.  I will have to say for the Hunger Games silent movie trailer the music didn’t go nearly as well with what was happening in the trailer.  In the Up I thought the movie trailer the music went really well with what was happening in the movie.  From these movie trailer I decided to do was to have a song that went well with the movie as well as make the movie look more like a scary movie than a funny movie for kids.

I first downloaded a clip using PwnYoutube that included the Monsters Inc trailer for the new 3D release of the movie.  I then put the movie into windows movie maker.  I changed the back ground to black and white and eliminated the sound.  Then I added the song, I have already had this song previous bought and downloaded from itunes.  I then uploaded this video to YouTube.

This is the first video assignment that I have completed, and the first real video editing that I have done.  Any comments with feedback will be appreciated on all of my video assignments that I do over these next 2 weeks.

Below is my embedded video for the assignment Return to the Silent Era:

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