One is the Loneliest Number

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Movies by Numbers

Create a video that artistically presents a single number in artful ways- show how it is represented in the world or nature. Add a relevant musical track, no narration, let the number and the visuals tell the story.  See Darren Kuropatwa’s Number 9

This is a 3 star assignment

When I came across this assignment in the video assignment repository I immediately thought of the song. One by Three Dog Night.  This song made my number choice easy, as I am going to pick number one.  For this assignment I have found many pictures with the number one and it looking lonely.  There are also going to be pictures of just the number one, and the number one written out.

2 Reviews of Previously done work:

1. Number 9 by Darren Kuropatwa:  This is the once that is shown as the example.  I really like the number 9 personally.  When I used to play soccer for fun in elementary school I always wanted to have the shirt with 9 on the back.  I really liked how this video included everything that related to number 9.  I also really liked how at the end of the video there were facts about the number 9.  I also love how in the back ground is someone saying Number 9, number 9.  This video was really well done.

2. Number 1: I decided to review the number that I plan on working with as well.  Though I am not a big fan of the kind of music played in the background the song was relevant to the number 1. I really like how this person found different ways to create the number 1.  Though I have to say that after watching the entire video I think this person could have kept more pictures of the number 1 or items that represent the number 1.  I was starting at a blank video screen at 1 minute and 25 seconds.  The whole video time was 3 minutes and 50 seconds. Over half of the video was a black screen.

The links below are for all the images in this video in order:  I believe that the descriptions that I gave the pictures in order tell a story itself, about different uses of the numebr one.  One is used in a lot of different situations and one stands alone by itself.  These are all images of just one thing.  They all stand alone.

1. Number 2  2. One in Star  3. One Star  4. No  5. One dog  6. Yes   7. One Direction 8. OneRepublic  9. One Apple  10. One Sad Face 11. One Broken Heart 12. One Billiard Ball  13. One Bowling Pin 14. One Golf Ball 15. One Stuffed Animal 16. Number one in Red 17. One Pencil  18. One Sock 19. One Teardrop 20. Number one represented by hand   21. Green Written out One 22.  Beatles 1 Album  23. One with Blue O  24. One Tree Hill  25. One By Image 

The images I chose to be in this video all represent 1 and how it can be lonely  as well as the different uses of the number one in band names or how its represented by people and things.  You’re probably wondering why there is the number 2, and the words yes and no in this video.  I’ll tell you why.  They represent the lyrics in the song.  Watch the video and you will see.  While making this video I gathered many images from google images (as you can see linked above) and uploaded them into Windows movie maker.  I then added the song into this by clicking the add music option in window’s movie maker.  After that I then ordered the images in a way so they fit the song.  This time while using window’s movie maker I added text to give my video a title and at the end I added credits by using the credits option in window’s movie maker.  I’m really happy with how this video came out.  I think this is some of my better video work.  I have definitely been feeling more comfortable using Window’s movie maker.

Below is my embedded YouTube video, again any feedback is appreciated.  :)

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