Opening Credits Redux for Letters to Juliet

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Opening Credits Redux

In film, the design of opening credits can be an art unto itself. For this assignment, take an existing movie’s opening credits, and redo it in an alternate style that still honors the plot and style of the movie– or make it radically different.
See examples of the redone credits for The Good The Bad and The Ugly and Hitchock’s Rear Window.
Include in your blog post a clip or screenshots of the original credits to show the difference between that and what you create.

This is a 4 star assignment

I chose to do this assignment because while watching movies watching the opening credits is one of my favorite parts.  It’s fun to see how they are done.  I have noticed that in more recent movies there are no opening credits.  It just shows the title of the movie.  Sometimes at the end they have more of an opening credits scene such as the movie the Avengers.  I think the credits are very important in the movie because there are so many people that help to make the movie go really well.

The movie I decided to redo the credits for it Letters to Juliet.  It is one of my favorite movies that is fairly recent that has opening credits.  I first watched the opening credits of the movie so that I knew the right order and names of who was in the movie as well as who produced it. This movie is a typical love story and for the opening credits I want to change the background images to show more of the title of the movie.  In the original opening credits that you can view here you can see here there are multiple pictures being shown of love that introduce the credits.  I decided to keep the same script font for the words, but the images I added were different.  They are pictures of writing letters and at the very end a picture of Romeo and Juliet.  Writing letters is a story itself because when you write a letter you are telling someone else a story.  For the song in the background I decided to use the song Listen to Your Heart by DHT.  Letters to Juliet really relates to this song because it’s about following your heart to make the right choice in who you really love.  I already had the song in iTunes so it was easy just to upload it to Window’s Movie Maker. When formatting the credits I tried to organize them so they would appear at different places throughout the video.  Listen to Your Heart is a long song and I only included half of it in this video.  I faded out the sound at the end of the video so it would  sound more like an ending.  I also made the color of the font red because it’s the color I associated with love. Such as how Valentine’s Day colors are always red and pink.  At the end of my video I added a credits page saying that I made the video and that it is for ds106 and I credited the song and where I found the images.

The links below are to the pictures I found:

Letter 1, letter 2, letter 3, letter 4, letter 5,  Romeo and Juliet

Review of 2 previously done assignments:  A lot of the already done assignments for this were either deleted by the user or their blog was no longer active and the internet could not open the page.  There were very few to choose from to review but I did find two to review.

1. The Good the Bad and the Ugly credit remake: I have never seen this movie but I thought that this video was really well done.  I really liked how the pictures came up like they were being painted on the screen.  I also really liked the music went well with the timing of the words.  This video was really well done.

2. The Notebook:  I love the movie and book the Notebook.  I thought this credits redux was really good.  I really liked the beach scene and music.  After watching this video I then went to watch the original opening credits.  The credits redux really defines how the original credits opened up.  I also really like the font of the credits redux.  This video was really well done, my once concern is that the title of the movie didn’t appear at the same time as the original opening.  Though I really like how the title appears on the rock at the end of the video.

Below is my embedded YouTube video, as always any comments and feedback is appreciated.

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