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Animated Music Video

Take a favorite cartoon or anime like show, take some clips, mash them together and add music to it. Try to pick out a specific theme in your clips that follow the theme of the music. Keep an eye out for changes in the music and plan your clips accordingly.
For examples check out youtube and type in “AMV”, or look at this one.

This is a 4 star assignment

I chose to do this assignment because I always have loved watching animated movies and TV shows.  Animation has really come a long way since really early animations.  There has been more that go into them, such as much vivid color and more realistic looking people. For this assignment I am using clips from the TV show the Powerpuff Girls.  When I was a kid I loved the Powerpuff Girls.  This was my favorite show on Cartoon Network, when I watched cartoon network.  Looking back on the animation of the Powerpuff Girls has really improved since their very first episode.  The color became more vivid and the animations became clearer.  I really liked watching the Powerpuff Girls because they were the first show I watched where there was a heroine (well in this case 3 heroine’s) than just heroes.  This show really showed that girls can do anything that they can put their mind to.  For my animated music video I am going to be taking clips from the Powerpuff Girl episode called the Rowdy Ruff Boys.  This episode is about a new group of super villains in the Town of Towns-ville that are boy versions of the Power Puff Girls.  They think they’re better and want to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. In the end though they are defeated.  I found a two part episode on YouTube and downloaded to my computer as an MP4 file using PwnYoubeHere are the links to the episode I found.  For this assignment I used MPEG stream clip to cut out certain clips from the episode.  (I feel really comfortable using MPEG stream clip now :) ).

For the music part of this assignment I was looking through songs that I thought would go really well for what I want the message in my animated music video to portray.  Originally I wanted to use the song Rolling in the Deep by ADELE , but then I decided that the lyrics didn’t give the message I wanted.  The message I want this video to portray is that all girls can do anything they want, even if boys don’t think they can.  The song I decided to use is called Girls Can Too by Play.  I used to listen to this song a lot when I was younger because my friend gave me a Play CD once.  This song really conveys the message that girls can do anything that boys can do.  And it’s also about following your dreams as well.  For this assignment I didn’t realize how much time it would take to get clips and edit clips to fit the lyrics of the song, but it was worth it in the end.  I’m happy with how this video came out.

2 examples of other students work:  I had fun reviewing two different peoples work on this assignment.  It helped me better focus on what I want my animated music video to look like.  These reviews were taken from my pre production post that I did last week. (I thought since I already reviewed them I can just paste them in here).

1. Old Squirrel Cartoon: I really liked this music video for this cartoon.  I have never watched this old Squirrel Cartoon before but  I have to say the song Promiscuous Girl by Nelly Furtado and Timberland went really well with what was happening in the cartoon.  I like how this person edited some of the clip to include the sound from the cartoon, while most of what you heard was the music playing.

2.  Phineas and Ferb: I picked this one to review because I have heard of the show Phineas and Ferb and watched a few of the episodes when I was younger. I like how in this post the user showed us how they made the video.  This person also included introduction text that told me what the video was called, and this person also included a credit at the end that cited their sources.  I liked how the images went with the lyrics in the song, but I thought the point of this assignment was to make an animated music video with actual clips from the cartoon.  With that said the clips were well put together, and I enjoyed watching this cartoon music video.

Below is my embedded version of my animated music video:

As always feedback is appreciated.  I would love to know what you think and what I can improve on for my next few assignments that I have to do for this week.

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