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Review of 2 References on Remix:  I really enjoyed watching the references on remix.  This has really helped me get an idea on what a remix is and how to create one.  Remixing that I found out by these videos is putting two or more different things together.  There are remixes all around us.  I really liked watching the Fair(y) Use Tale.  It was a remix by my definition because the person who made this video put a lot of effort into cutting out the certain words that the characters were saying so it sounds like they all go together.  Both of these videos helped me understand remix better.

1. Steal Like an Artist

I really liked this remix reference.  One reason I watched this video was because of the cute dog Milo.  But I really thought this video was a good reference to remix.  I like how the author of the Book Steal Like an Artist is relatable.  He says that “you are a mash up…and that creativity is for everyone”.  I belive that the statement is true.  Everyone is creative in their own way, and everyone defines creativity differently.  Being creative involved mashing up different ideas and put them into one.

2. Fair(y) Use Tale

I watched this video because I really like a lot of the old Disney Movies (especially the Disney Pixar movies).  I really like how this video explains about copy right using the words that popular Disney characters say.  I like the organization of chapters and how they all relate to copyright.  This video was very informative about copyright but it was also very entertaining and kept my attention.  I like how there were 5 different chapters.  Chapter 1-Copyright Definition.  This basically just defined what copyright is.  Chapter 2-What Things Can be Copyrighted? From this video copyrighted material is a big range from books to plays to music to dance to movies and pictures. Chapter 3-Copyright Duration and the Public Domain.  Before copyright only lasted 14 years, which was long enough for people to make money off of it.  Then the work goes to the public domain where anyone can use the material.  But not today copyright can last forever.  Chapter 4-Fair Use.  This chapter explains when copyright may be broken.  It can be broken to teach, for news reporting, for a parody, and for critical comment.   There are certain circumstances that demonstrate fair use- nature, amount, commercial impact.  Chapter 5-Why Use Disney Cartoons? This is for legal protection.  This is just a brief summary of what I have learned from this video.  Everyone should watch this video.  It is very entertaining and informative.

Review of 3 Remix Examples:  I really enjoyed watching these examples of remix.  This has really helped me know how a remix is supposed to be.  My favorite example that I viewed was definitely the Star Wars Call Me Maybe (embedded below).  This was so funny and I can tell there was a lot of effort that went into it.  These are all great examples of remix that will help me when I start working on my remix assignments.

1. Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remixed–[Original version]

I decided to review this example of remix because I like how both Twilight and Buffy are about vampires.  I really enjoyed this video.  I like how the whole video focused on just Edward and Buffy, like they had a relationship together.  The clips for this video were well put together, it was like it was one whole movie instead of random clips from two different movies.  The scenes were in appropriate time frames and such.  I didn’t like the ending of this remixed video but I won’t tell too much about it here, so you will just have to watch the video.  This was a very well put together remix video telling a story.

2. Star Wars Call Me Maybe

I really loved this remix example.  I can tell this person put a lot of effort into making this video.  There was a lot of editing going on for this assignment.  Such as cutting out just the right part of the Star Wars characters words to go with the lyrics to the song.  I really liked how this person was able to find clips with people in Star Wars saying certain words to the song Call Me Maybe.  It’s great how this video incorporates something that we are all so familiar with today (Star Wars has always been popular and the song Call Me Maybe was top on iTunes awhile back), by combining them together.  This video was my favorite remix example that I viewed.  It was really creative and funny and showed a great example of a remix.

3. The Original Scary Mary Poppins Recut Trailer

I really liked this remix example as well.  I like how this person made a children/family movie look like a horror/scary movie.  The movie trailer with the certain scenes were really well put together.  I like how it made the children seem really scared of Mary Poppins.  The music in this remixed trailer went really well with what was happening on screen.   I liked watching this video because it kind of reminded me of the video assignment I did last week called return to the Silent Era.  I made the kids/family movie Monsters Inc, look like a scary movie, with the right music and editing.  This video is really well done and if I saw this movie trailer at the theaters I would probably not go see the movie because I don’t like horror movies.

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