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I am looking forward to working on this final project.  It will be a lot of work but I’m really looking forward to using everything I’ve learned this year in class and put everything together.  I honestly cannot believe that this class is almost over.  For this project I decided to focus on my dog Sophie.  I’m going to create a fictional story of my dog going on an adventure around the neighborhood.  This story is going to involve Sophie going out exploring and then getting a little lost, but then in the end she will find her way home.  This project is also going to give you a little background information so you can get to know Sophie better.

For my three uses of media I have decided to use:

Web: I’m planning on making a pinterest board of things that Sophie likes.  This will be the introduction introducing my dog so you can get to know her and the things she likes.

Visual/Design: I’m going to create a lost dog poster that Sophie sees while on her adventure. This is going to help her find her way home.

Audio: I’m going to make a 5 sound story of Sophie on her adventure outside and the things she hears on her walk.

Video: I’m going to make a video of Sophie coming home and how she feels about it, and what she does.  This will then conclude the story of Sophie’s adventure.

This may change a bit after I start really working on my project and getting things together, but this is what I have planned for now.

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