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I liked writing up tutorials for the two assignments I chose.  I know that while working on the assignments throughout this semester I wish there were some tutorials that helped me get through some of the assignments I chose.  But when there were no tutorials I decided to be creative and interpret the assignment my own way.  I decided to write tutorials on assignments that I have already completed.  I chose to write a tutorial for Recycle the Media because it was a fairly new assignment and I wanted to show new students to ds106 how to use recycled media that other people didn’t want to use.  I then chose to write a tutorial for That’s Pinteresting because if you didn’t have a Pinterest account before hand you might have trouble understanding how to use it.  I also love using Pinterest and think that’s it’s easy to use after you just explore it for a little bit.

1. Recycle the Media Tutorial

2. That’s Pinteresting Tutorial

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