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I watched “Everything is a Remix” Part 1 and Part 3. The author presented an interesting argument about “remix” and how common it is, being the basis of most recent innovations. I guess the real issue for would-be remixers is to make their derivative work “substantially different.”

For examples of Remix, I watched:

Youtube duet: Miles Davis improvising on LCD Soundsystem

Star Wars Call Me Maybe

The Shining Recut

WILLY WONKA – Recut Horror Trailer (I found this linked from the Shining video and love Willy Wonka)

These content creators, especially the youtube duet, do not, to me, appear “substantially different.” I would make the argument however, that these individuals should not be liable for copyright violation, unless of course, they are youtube “partners” and are receiving compensation for their remixes. There is definitely a grey area in remixes, the “Star Wars Call Me Maybe” remix used the melody from the song, is that enough to be sued? I have heard that the European DJ scene is far more developed that the US one, mostly because, in the US, on the very prominent and famous DJ’s can sample and mix without fear of persecution.


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