What is Storytelling? Revisited from Week 3

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I decided to create a separate post for this and link it in my final summary.  Week 3 was right after boot camp week, and when we really started learning about storytelling.  During week 3 I created a blog post called What is Storytelling?  in this post I defined what story telling is to me and what I think digital storytelling is.  Now in week 15 the final week of ds106 12 weeks later, I am looking at my definition from week 3 and seeing if it changed any.  In my week 3 post I wrote that when I thought of storytelling I immediately thought of people sitting by a camp fire telling ghost stories.  And I thought that storytelling is anything verbally spoken.  My definition of story telling has not changed.  Though when asked to define digital storytelling I said that it can be anything online such as a YouTube video or a bunch of pictures coming together.  My definition of digital story telling has definitely changed after learning more in this class.  Now I think of digital storytelling as anything online, but it can be in the form of a poster, a video, on the web, and radio.  Remixes and mash-up combine two kinds of digital story telling and change the entire meaning of a video.  I also never listened to the radio before taking this class and I have come to learn that a lot goes into make a good talk radio show.  My definition of storytelling has stayed the same, yet I have expanded my definition of digital storytelling after taking this class.  Storytelling is all around us every second of the day, now it’s our job to find it!

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