My Final Project-Sophie’s Journey

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For my final project I decided to focus on my dog Sophie.  This story is about her journey getting lost outside and being able to find her way home.  For this project I then decided that to do 3 different kinds of assignments and put them into one video.  Before the story begins I want to tell a little bit about my dog.  So I created a Pinterest page in her name and pinned the things she likes on it.

Here is a screen shot of Sophie’s Pinterest page, to visit her page go to:

DS106 final project

I then created a 5 sound (I used 7 sounds) story about Sophie’s journey getting lost and finding her way back home.  The sounds I used were all from Free Sounds.  The sounds that I used were: Dog Running, Two Dogs, Dog Walk, Dog Panting, Whimpering and Barking, Squeak, and Door Bell.  I added the sound story to the video, and then I went ahead to add pictures and captions to enhance the meaning of my 5 sound story.  My five sound story is the main plot of my story takes place.

After the five sound story I created a lost dog poster that Sophie sees when she’s lost and it helps her find her way home.  She comes across this poster while she’s lost and then knows how to get home from there.  This is what she sees during the 5 sound story and she has a light bulb moment (indicated by the door-bell sound) that leads her home.

DS106 final project Poster

I put all these assignments into a video that creates the whole story.   For the video I first made a title page, I decided to call my project Sophie’s Journey because when you get lost it’s a journey to find your way home.  I made this video all from Sophie’s point of view.  I then added a picture of Sophie introducing herself and also put a screen shot of her Pinterest site as well as a link to her Pinterest site (also linked above).  The next part of the video incorporates the 5 sound story as well as Sophie’s lost dog poster.  The 5 sound story has pictures in the video that go along with what is going on with the sounds. Her journey starts when she sees the front door is left open and she leaves.  She’s happy because she has freedom to be off leash and explore. After a little while she sees another dog named Haydn who points her to the lost dog sign of her.  Then Sophie begins her journey home. Sophie then finds her way home and is ready to play in the end.  The one song that I put in this video is called Life is a Highway performed by Rascal Flatts.  I got the song clips by editing the song in Audacity.  I used the introduction of the song with no words in my opening of my video.  Then I used the first verse and chorus of the song in my end credits of the video.  I chose this song because it’s basically about a journey, and that’s what my story is about.  I took almost all the photos that are in this video, the only photo that I got from Google images was the picture of Main Street.  Sophie was very good when I took her pictures for this project.  She really liked getting treats while I was taking the pictures. While working on this project at the very end of the video after the credits I decided to add something else.  This is a video of Sophie singing, it is her happy song that she does after she has returned home.  Just a little something extra to end the story!  :)

Here is my embedded final project, I hope you enjoy it!

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