Order and Cleanliness

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TDC424 instructed us to write about an odd thing that brings us joy.

As I state in my post for the assignment, I’ve never been diagnosed with any form of OCD.  However, I have always had weird quirks with food and organization.  I used to not be able to eat anything without taking it apart first; layered food like salmon or those layered biscuits that come out of a can were my favorites, but I also had to separate all the components of fried rice and things like that.

Something about having things in order and organized (and subsequently, often clean as well) almost automatically puts me at ease; in the same way, being in a cluttered, unorganized environment makes my stress-level skyrocket.  For all I know, this might be extremely common, but it’s not a trait I’ve ever been fortunate enough to share with roommates, so I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, more on that here.

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