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When I read that I had to edit a web page, I was terrified.  Memories of my failing out of the computer science department flooded in and I thought it was going to be incredibly difficult to do this.  So, naturally, I procrastinated til the last minute.

Turns out, thanks to Hackasaurus, a nifty ‘beast’ of a tool that provided me with “x-ray goggles,” this was SO INCREDIBLY EASY AND FUN TO DO.

Due to the ridiculous weather patterns we’ve been experiencing lately, I thought it would be fun to edit, or “hack” the Weather Channel’s local weather page for Fredericksburg, VA. Because the tool doesn’t allow us to edit images, I had to sort of make do with all of the snow images.  I tried to run with the idea that the weather was so ridiculous that we were in the midst of a five-month-early tropical storm season that also had snow mixed in with it.  Because, y’know, climate change or something.

Here’s what the weather channel actually has to say about Fredericksburg:


Here’s what it had to say after I messed with it:


Here’s the here of what I did to Fredericksburg’s weather!  I changed all of the temperatures and anything that mentioned snow or winter, I changed to summer or tropical storms.
But really, I can’t believe how crazy our weather has been!

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