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Youtube, like any movie, TV Program, book, or story in general is full of Genres.  Classic ones like thriller, drama, and comedy abound, but there are some less recognized genres… Here are some of the genres DS106′ers of the past have come up with:


Everyday life as art

Everyday life as a musical

Musicians with causes

DIY tech / retro



Popular Culture re-animated

Literature Animated

Computer Art

Inappropriate for Church, but only Church


Making Science Cool

Unintentional Hilarity



Kids With Accents

Strange and Adorable Children


Funny/Entertaining Politics

How to Videos

Surprises of a Lifetime

Animals doing human things

I think when it comes down to it, these are fun, but probably fall somewhere in the sub-category of another genre.  As does mine.

So, with no further ado.  My addition to the list.

Doodle Along Song

This is a video that features a song, and a person hand animating it either in real time, with stop action, or with the help of a computer program.  But NOT a cartoon traditional style that is seamless.  Two examples—>


BTW. This song is kinda like my manifesto.


Cat Power – I Found A Reason


I think these would probably fall into the MUSIC VIDEO or ANIMATION Genres officially, but their new sub-category according to me is Draw Along Song.

There are A. LOT. of these on youtube.  And for good reason.  They are fun to watch, look like they are fun to make, and bring a personal touch to the songs.  each little doodle tells a story from the artists point of view–how they receive the message of the song.  LIKE.

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