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It’s the first of the video weeks!

I’ve seriously just been waiting for these weeks. I LOVE working with video. I would also LOVE to learn more about it!

Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a professional or even a skilled video editor. I do, however, have a lot of experience with it. I’ve been using Sony Vegas Pro for years now. I lost my copy of it, though. I have a trial I used for another class which is useful for making short clips. I also have Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects from the Creative Suite Family. I’m still getting to know these two, though. I usually look up trials for things I don’t understand.

Some Training Ground

Reading The Dark Knight

For this week, I had to “read” a clip of a scene from a movie. I chose The Dark Knight.

Take a look at what I thought of the editing in this blog post here.

Genre-ing The Dark Knight

I identified the genre of The Dark Knight as action. Then put together a montage of what makes this an action flick.

You can read the blog post here.

Creating Genres

I also added my own genre to a Google Doc created for class. While we didn’t need to add our own, I felt like I had to. So I added “Pranks.” I didn’t feel like most of the genres on the Google Doc were meaningful at all. I think in addition to categorizing similar videos, genres should also be meaningful to more than one person.

I discuss this a little bit more in my blog post.

Setting the Foundation for Next Week

I had to go into the assignment bank and find some video assignments that I wanted to do for next week.

I knew immediately that I wanted to do the Music Video assignment. I’ve talked about it extensively in my blog post, though, so check out why.

I also decided to do the Return to the Silent Era assignment. Why? Well… it was the first on the list, and it looked interesting. I’m not a fan of having to write or perform a script, so those were certainly out.

I outlined how I’m going to do both assignments in that blog post, though, so why haven’t you checked it out yet?!


This week, we only had to do two daily creates. While usually I am the first to go over the necessary amount, I had a rough week! One documentary, one presentation, a thesis defense, and a paper later, I’m exhausted. So I did the minimum this week. Hopefully I will go back to doing three a week next week though!

You can check out the blog post on my daily creates here.


Can’t wait for next week!

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