Generating Genres

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This week, I had to find an example video of YouTube genres located on Google Doc that previous students have created.

I didn’t really understand a few of the genres listed on the Google Doc, especially “Inappropriate for Church, but only Church.”┬áThe video which was posted for it is inappropriate in general–not just “for church.” I also don’t see how that could be a genre.

Additionally, I feel like a few of these genres could be under the same genre. They don’t need multiple genres. For example, “Strange and Adorable Children” could be grouped with “Kids with Accents” under a larger genre called “Funny and Cute Children.” Let’s be honest.

My Addition

I wanted to add this video:

But then I realized that Prank videos were not on the Google Doc.

So, I added my own genre: Pranks.

This includes in-person pranks, prank calls, repeated pranks. There are just so many videos on YouTube that could fit under the genre of “pranks.” More than that, these are videos that people actively search for. People want to see people making fun of other people.

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