Good Will Hunting

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Visual Only:
looking around, centered, not looking at the camera or anyone else
wind (peaceful?)

camera slowly roatating right, moving him to the right of the screen. he’s moving forward?

moves himself back to center of the image

he’s talking, moving further into future then brings back to the present and to center screen

takes up most of sreen: focus is on him and on what he is saying

everything behind him is green and pretty and bright — hope?

young person on the right of the screen, coming into focus, a bit blurred

neither looking at each other

younger on the right/in the center, not looking at the other person, not moving at all
light shining on their face back to other man, hat shadowing his face,  darker?

back to the boy, man on left again

back to man, light shining over shoulder,
boy blurred again
back to boy
back to man, wind blowing a bit harder now,
man walks away, leaving boy on the right of the screen

lighting does not change much overall.


Audio Only:
man speaking slowly, nature in the background
man making assumptions about the other character
talking about happiness and the boy’s lack of it (super intelligent, isolates himself)
getting angry, insulting
getting angrier, calling him out on whatever he’s done
music/background nosie getting louder
ends with music (strings, soft)


Audio and Video:

speaking calmly to the boy about the boy without looking at him.

while the man is talking it is just him in the screen
camera pans toward boy to see his reaction as the monologue tilts toward his own experiences

once the conversation is back to the boy, the camera centers on him
camera back to the man, angrier with the shadow over his face from his hat

doesn’t seem to be much pattern to when the camera is on who at this point.


I kind of regret choosing this clip.  There seemed to be very little going on, with the camera angles changing really back and forth between two perspectives and the lighting remaining the same the entire time.  They had the man on the left though, which according to Ebert is symbolic of the past and the boy on the right, which is symbolic of the future.  This made sense especially because the man was center-screen talking to the boy about the present or about ideas that don’t necessarily take place in the future or the past but are just things he is thinking and assuming about the boy.  As he starts to discuss things that are implied to have happened in his past, the camera angle slowly starts shifting to put him to the left of the screen and shows the boy.  The two angles that seem to dominate the rest of this scene either just show the man and you are facing him from a front-right angle as he talks about his past (i.e. he is to the viewers’ left) and also from the angle of showing the left side of the boy, with him on the viewer’s right side as well as being to the right of the man, who is also in these shots.  This made sense too because the dialogue was about the man calling the younger man out on his behavior and essentially telling him he needs to make a move, which is in the future.  The scene ends with him (the younger man) reflecting/processing what the man has said to him as the man has gotten up and walked away and there is music playing.

I definitely just typed more than I expected to be able to about this scene, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought.  I really did enjoy Good Will Hunting when I saw it though.






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