Week Dix (10 in french)

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In this week learning about how to read movies I learned a lot. I leaned that there is more to movies that just pointing and shooting the camera. I learned how to use MPEG Streamclip but all I know how to do is trim and put clips together.  Not that much I know right but I am learning. This week I looked at a video three times to see if I saw something different each time and here is a hint.. I did! Then I learned about making of a movie and learned a few things that I did not know about The Social Network movie. I also learned about genres and found a video to put inside of the prank genre of YouTube. Another thing I did was look into the future and see what I would want to do for my video assignments next week. This week I did two daily creates my first was a video of me telling a joke that someone else told me.

My other daily create was a picture of the best present I ever received. When I came home for winter break two days before my phone broke so I needed a new one. I did not want to ask my parents for a new phone because we were going on a cruise for Christmas but when I got home my parents surprised me by taking me to Verizon to get the New Samsung Galaxy S3! I was so excited!

best present ever

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