All the weeks are over well with video anyways

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Oh my goodness I have been busy or have I been busy. I was trying my hardest to make everything perfect on all of my work that I put on YouTube to see. I do a lot of things with my friends because they love helping me and I am really shy and it takes me some time to finish by myself because I would freak out and just laugh the whole time. On that note I did 26 stars over these two weeks. I did a scene from a horror film for 4 stars. I lip synced for 2 stars. I was myself for 4 stars. I went back in time to that 70s show circle for 3 stars. I made inanimate things move for 3 stars. I joined in the conversation for 3 stars. I speed up time for 2 stars. And finally I did a public service announcement for the good of it oh and 5 stars. I also finished off the foley assignment that we left hanging awhile back and I think it came out fantastic  I learned a lot about videos this week I learned that layering music and sounds are actually hard. But besides the technical points I learned that video is the main source of story telling now a days not because it is easier to do but because it is easier for the listener to understand what the person is trying to get across. I like videos personally because you can put soo much in a little thing you have the best of both world visual and audio.  I found the most compelling part was adding the music or sounds and making them match up with what the video was doing. I love doing videos because you can tell a lot from what a video shows.

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