Foley at its best!

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For the foley sounds I picked the ones I thought went best with my theme which was just enough not too much and not too little. For the first thirty seconds I took krisavball08 because I like that she added the lion breathing and I thought that was a nice touch and lions do not breathe silently I know that haha. I felt like I was more on the forced side to get the next one just because I did not want to change what other people did because I think they worked hard on what they did but would not want someone to take mine and change it all around I worked hard on that. It had a bunch of static  but i like that it had all the necessary sounds and did not go over board with them, with all of that I chose heymsparker. The next sound I took mine because I loved it and I worked so hard on it, it would be weird for me not to take it.. I think that it is a pride thing when I comes to that. Next I took kristen lambs because she had vocals and kept details in there that I thought were nice. Lastly I took coles because I liked everything that he on the sounds he made it confusing but still interesting. I used Beethoven 5th symphony for the ending because it has a bunch of different things and different volumes that are interring for the different things.

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