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When I was looking through the video assignments I saw this and was hesitant because I do not watch scary movies like at all, but I was reading these out loud in my friends’ room and they were like it would be extremely fun so I decided why not. So I did the make a scene from a horror film. Since I was not sure what horror film to do I asked my friend Ashley what she thought and she said the iconic psycho shower scene for anyone that does not know what this scene is here it is:

I had to look that up as well haha but anyways to start I went to the library and rented a video camera (I did not know they did that). We went in to the shower and made the scene it took a couple of times but we ended up with a beautiful recreation of how the scene would be done in a college shower with friends. My friend did her own shower sounds and I thought they were pretty realistic mainly because she wanted to and I could not say no because she was helping me make the video. On the other hand I took the killing sound from YouTube which was called the Psycho Violin screech. I went into audacity and cut the screech sound to make it longer and  put it on repeat. Lastly I made it in black and white so it would be more of what the time era was back in the 1960s. With all that said here it is!!

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