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I chose to do the “I am me” assignment from the bank, which involved creating a video that described me.  I didn’t really understand the example video that was provided, but I may have just missed the point.  Either way, I diverged from that a bit with my example and tried to incorporate video, audio, pictures, and music with mine.  I ran into difficulty matching up the timing of what I was saying with the pictures showing, and once I finished that part I still had a lot of blank space that I didn’t know what to do with.  I filled those gaps with music, although I’m not really sure that it fit.  I just didn’t like the silence!!!

Some of the pictures I used are pretty old, but I really don’t have pictures taken of me very often so my options were kind of limited.  I could have taken some, I suppose, but they would have appeared very staged, so I opted for just using some older ones.

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