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This was the first assignment I did on moviemaker, and so it’s a little rough.  I chose to do the sports mashup, which involved piecing together clips of great sports plays, but they were supposed to also tell a story.  I picked rugby as my sport, even though I could have probably picked any number of them.  The reason I chose rugby is because there is generally a set method for how to move the ball down the field;  first there is a scrum between the forwards on each team and the scrumhalf pulls the ball out of the back of the scrum; they then pass it out to the back line, who run/pass/kick the ball down the field in attempt to score a try.

I pieced together solid plays (for parts where there’s no real way to do anything interesting) and impressive plays for the whole process, starting with the scrum and ending with a really awesome move.

I unfortunately forgot the tips from last week involving resizing the clips so that they all fit together, but I will try to do better with the other assignments.

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