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Ron Burgundy is the ultimate 1970′s man’s man.  He drinks obsessively, thinks little of women, and constantly shows off his masculinity.  His relatively low level of intelligence, his horrible social skills, and his incredibly inflated sense of ego are all good starting points for a character who needs to grow.  In ANY way.  I chose him because there is a lot there to work with but he is still a basically good (and funny) human being.

In my narrative, we will find out that Ron is the only newscaster at the station without some sort of college education and the news syndicate he works for is now requiring all employees to obtain at least an associate’s, meaning Ron (and only Ron) has to go back to school.  The local community college happens to have a liberal arts focus and offers a surprising number of courses in humanities.
While taking a news journalism course that places him as an anchor on the school’s news channel, he finds that his off-color jokes and reporting skills are sub-par for the academic world.  He takes several other courses as well, in which he finds out more about himself and others.  The major antagonist in this story is Ron himself; kind of a coming-of-age tale about a forty-something year old man.

For my visual elements, I plan to work with “Multiply Yourself,” which will be an assignment Ron has to do for a photography course, and he will use it to express his inner conflict between how he used to be and how he sees himself changing as he learns more about the world he lives in.  I will also incorporate “Animated Music Video,” although mine won’t be animated.  It will be a video Ron makes about his feelings for Veronica.  It will probably be one of the first things he does in my narrative, so there won’t have been much growth and I can use footage from the film without having to edit much.  I can’t remember where in the assignment bank it is, but I also will likely re-create a web-site, but it’s going to be part of an effort on behalf of his male friends at the news station who are making fun of him for being back in school and for changing while he’s there.  One other (at least as of now) assignment I will be mixing into this is “Range of Emotions.”  What I won’t change about Ron is the way he feels about Veronica, so for this assignment I’ll have a video (hopefully) of Ron showing his full range of emotions and explaining each emotion as a reaction to how he feels about certain things that are happening involving her. The video will be part of an attempt to show her how he’s changed and how he feels about her.

I have to say, I never ever ever thought that if I had to create a fictional story that I would choose a romantic comedy.



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