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The most challenging assignment of the week: For the Remix!

I don’t like physical/3D art. Let me just put that out there. I don’t get it. My roommate is in a Studio Art course, and I don’t get anything she does.

So, that was off the table. I downloaded the photos from the wordpress site and opened them up in Corel PaintShop Pro X5. I wasn’t sure what to do yet, but I wanted to see them all laid out.

I work better when it’s off-the-cuff. I opened the photos I liked best and started to mess around. I used to do this pixelated, grid-like thing to photos in middle school. Under Texture Effects, there is Mosaic – Antique. I duplicated the photo layer then used the effect. I erased the parts I wanted to be visible and clear–his face, etc. That’s it! I put the pictures all together on one and created a black square in the middle so they weren’t overlapping.

I wasn’t originally sure I was going to keep this “remix.” After staring at it for a good while, though, I realized it had a computer-pixelated effect that went well with the topic of Cory’s books.

I hope this was appropriate, though!

FTR: For the Remix

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