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Well I’ve posted all the Remix assignments for the week, but I failed to actually describe what remix is.

This week we were asked to review some videos on remix and see some examples of it before starting our own work to get a better understanding of what remix means. Additionally, we had to record a brief conversation between another person and myself, describing remix. You can hear that below.

I first watched two videos by Kirby Ferguson, where he talks about everything in life being a remix. Watch Part 1 and Part 3. In the videos he shows how overtime people have used the same music line and put different lyrics or rearranged lyrics or down right copied them from someone else. It’s something you never think about, but in watching these videos it becomes more evident.

I then watched three examples of remixes.

This first was a mashup of Buffy the Vampire and Edward Cullen the Vampire (from Twilight). I  creator matched up the videos very well and it was really interesting to watch. In my opinion this is considered a remix because the creator took two completely different movies and mashed them into one, cohesive movie that flowed seamlessly together.

Next I watch Barack Obama Singing Call me Maybe. Seriously the creator of this video must have taken forever to put it together! I know how long it takes me to put movies together and I’m not working with small clips like this. I love this remix because its really funny! The creator takes different clips from different speeches and mashes them together to create a clip of Call me maybe. TOO FUNNY!

The last video was The Magic School Bus: The Movie Trailer (Fan-Made parody). I think we all (’90′s kids, at least) loved The Magic School bus cartoon! This movie trailer is not a cartoon, but rather human actors dressed up as their cartoon counter parts. At first I wasn’t sure how this was considered a remix. But I guess that it’s simply due to the fact that it’s actors instead of cartoons and so that makes it a bit different. Nonetheless, it was a cute movie trailer!

And here is my audio clip, describing remix.

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