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These two weeks have been interesting.

Not necessarily my favorite, but I made the best of it, and tweaked assignments and ideas to my liking.  Hey, at least I made it out alive.

Re-mix makes me think of techno, house music, and an old Club DJ boyfriend I had a hundred and 37 years ago.  Thank goodness I don’t have to go down that road again!


What is remix?

I guess the real question is “What ISN’T remix?”


Alan’s Fantastic Vacation Plans

Okay… The IDEA behind this?  Pretty good.  The software from Mozilla? A Pain in my ass.

Am I the only person who had trouble with the program?


Upcycled Story

I stitched together a few images and a sound from the discard pile to share a story about a great day out.


Time to share and Getcha Mind Blown

The concept of this whole assignment kinda blew my mind.

An author.

A photographer.

A student.

Working collaboratively to create something new.



Fine art + Dr. Seuss = Remix with a Twist


6 Stars of assignments = 7 Stars really

From kid to adult = Jodie foster in pictures.  (4 stars)

Doctorow’ed = a second idea for the author’s remix. (3stars)

I guess I probably wasn’t supposed to do the Doctorow assignment twice, but better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  I was really taken with the images, and the idea of sharing, so, I RE-RE-mixed it.


These weeks are over.

Well kinda, I still have a bit to do for my FINAL project, but as for the remixing, this was an a-okay intro for me.

As an artist  have appropriated before, often, and not always with aplomb.  This week opened my eyes to new ideas and techniques.

This week reminded me of this:

steal like an artist

Via steallikeanartist.com

OH!  There is also a site I thought ALL ds106′ers 4LIFE would be interested in too!  It’s called hitREcord.  It’s an an open collaborative production company.  Check it out.


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