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I was extremely crunched for time this week, as I have 18 credits worth of final projects and exams to complete. Unfortunately, for the first time this semester I was not able to complete all the work. The Popcorn assignment caused much frustration, and after going back and forth between that and iMovie trying to complete it I have nothing to show for it. Here is a link to my partially completed work, however it is not something I’m proud of.

Remix Explained

Recycled media assingment

“Post Photographic portrait”

Remix Assignment

*** Mashup Assignment

*** Mashup Assignment

While everything was a bit rushed this week I still think I learned a lot. My eyes have definitely been opened to the idea that “everything is a remix”, and since that thought has been placed in my head, I have noticed many more examples. One more week to go, and I can not believe it.

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