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For my fourth assignment for my final project I did storytelling within the web.  This assignment is to take a website and edit it completely so that it tells a totally different story than it once did.

I’m going to warn you now IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED BY MY FINAL PROJECT STORY YOU SHOULD STOP READING NOW! So far none of my assignments have given too much away but this one will!! Turn back now if you don’t want to be surprised!

So to do this assignment I first had to decide which website I wanted to modify.  I decided to use Taylor’s official fan form. I really wanted to get Taylor’s fans reaction to the situation that I have created (which I still don’t want to spoil for you).  To do this assignment I used Hackasaurus.  This is an awesome program where once  you install it, all you have to do is point and click at the website you want to edit.  It’s seriously that easy!  The hard part was actually editing the website.  Coming up with ideas was much harder than I thought.  For the first six or seven I was rolling but when I got to like fifteen I was having a hard time.

After some creative ideas and a lot of editing here is what I came up with…




You can also look at the final website here!


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