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This is so weird to think this will be my final post for DS106.  Where has the time gone? And how is it already finals week?   Here we go with my last weekly wrap up ever!!!

What is Digital Storytelling?

One of our final assignments was to talk a look back at how we defined digital storytelling in week three and see how and if our concepts have changed since then.  You can read what I originally thought storytelling was here.  I still agree with a lot of what I said then.  I strongly believe that storytelling is constantly evolving and changing.  Storytelling for our generation is quite different than it was for our grandparents.  The amount the media and digital means allows us to tell stories is mind blowing.  I thought I knew how broad storytelling was before this class, but I have realized that it is much bigger than I could have ever imagined.  Digital storytelling is definitely telling stories though technology, but what I have now realized it that there are so many more ways to tell stories digitally then I ever could have imagined.

Final Story Project

Let me start off by saying this was easily my favorite thing that I have done in DS106 all semester.  Maybe because I got to pick and choose what media that I wanted, but I think it was largely because I was able to make the media tell a story.  Sure our media had been telling a story all semester, but this was a much bigger and more elaborate story than we had ever told in the past.   It was a lot of fun for me to get to tell a story about Taylor Swift (who is obviously one of my favorite people ever) from a totally different point of view that ever before.  When I originally was told to be more creative and come up with something more off the wall I was anything but pleased.  I was hoping to just go with the easy idea that I had come up with and go with that.  But now that I have finished I am thrilled I was pushed to be a bit more creative.  I love how my story turned out and couldn’t be happier with it.  Making everything was relatively fun and nothing was too time consuming (however doing everything in one day had made me exhausted!).

Here is a link to my story and here is a link to my overview.

Community Contribution

Overall I feel like I was a good member of our community this semester.  There were times were I admittedly fell short (particularly in mid-March when I was crazy busy).  But overall I fell like I participated a lot.  I commented on a good amount of blog posts and tried to really challenge myself not to just say that everything was good.  I also participated on twitter by talking to other DS106ers on ideas and problems that they had faced.  While I know it was not on one of the requested media sites, I also talked a lot in person and via text to members of the community. It was helpful to help each other with ideas and places that we were stuck.   Getting though this class would have been nearly IMPOSSIBLE with the other people in this class.

In the more forced group communication, such as the DS106 show and group projects, I feel like I was a good participant.  In my DS106 show it was just Kelsie and I so participation was a must.  It was cool to talk to previous DS106 students as well as our professor and the other DS106 professors.  It was really great to get advice from both a previous student and two different teachers.  On DS106 radio, my group had good communication as a whole.  Kaitlyn and I did a lot of the planning and communication up front because we were not going to be available over spring break.  We made sure that things were well organized and communicated before we left our group to go out of town.

Created Tutorials/Assignments/Daily Creates

One of our final assignments in DS106 we had to make two tutorials, two assignments, and two daily creates. I starting making daily creates, assignments (kind of by accident), and tutorials early on.  Luckily for me I only had to do one assignment and one tutorial at the end of the semester.

You can see my created things below:

Best Work

Here is a link to what I consider best work this semester.  I tried to choose one or two from each category, unfortunately my hatred of audio came through and I couldn’t consider any of my audio my best work.  I choose one for remix (Selena is that you?), two for video (song visualization and lyric video), one for web (What does that website say?), two from design (hi from the happiness place on earth and a massive welcome from London), two from visual (disney alphabet and never grow up), and our original set of .gifs.

My personal favorite out all of all my assignment that I did this semester was A Massive Welcome to London:


I absolutely loved how this assignment and everything about design week.  If I could redo any week it would easily be design week.

Pay It Forward

Our very last DS106 assignment (besides this post) was to come up with future advice to DS106ers.  You can read all about my explanation here but here is the media I made:

just do work

 Overall Recap

Overall, this semester had been a pretty awesome experience. There have been plenty of times where I have been frustrated to no end, but overall I am thrilled I took this class. I have learned so much (and now know things about computers that my dad doesn’t know, which is a first).  I’m not sure I’ll ever dive back into the area of audio again, but I think that is more than okay.  I am glad that I got some experience in areas such as design (which I loved) and video (which I can see myself using again in the future) and can see myself exploring those more in the future.  I wish that I would have been a bit more on top of my work at times but overall I have had a great experience and have been pretty pleased with what I have created.

I guess this is the end of my DS106 now.  It’s been real.  And while I won’t miss all the work, I can honestly say I’ll miss the class.

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