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For my second assignment for our final project I did Not Quite Norma Jeane. This assignment is to remake this classic Marilyn Monroe “expressions sheet” with self-portraits or with the aid of a friend.  Were going to call Taylor my friend for this one.

To do this assignment I used the collage section of picmonkey. It is a quite simple program to use and you can just drag and place the pictures that you want in the spot that you’d like them.

To get my pictures for this assignment I started off on google images.  I was trying to find pictures of Taylor not looking like herself.  After I few minutes of searching I remembered her I Knew You Were Trouble music video that she recently released.  In this video Taylor is dressed much more emo/goth than usual and she has short hair with pink streaks which you can see right below

I then started doing a google image search to try to find pictures of her in this music video.  After having a hard time finding a good variety, I ended up just watching the video on a high definition setting and taking screen shots of it.  This proved to be much easier and gave me the freedom that I was looking for.

Here is my final collage.  Not exactly the Taylor you’d expect right?  Any ideas where my project could be going??


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