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Ciara’s World created this movie poster for a film called Black Passion:

My assignment was to create the movie poster for the prequel to this film in the same style as this poster.


For this assignment, I had to remix the assignment to “Mashup Those Movies,” but I had to come up with what might have been the prequel to somebody else’s movie that they already made.  I had to make it in the same style.  Ciara mashed up Edward Scissorhands and Black Swan and called it Black Passion.  She called it that because both characters were dark, and she also included thoughts/words for each character on the poster that were humorous.  For my mashup prequel, I decided to keep Johnny Depp and make him the main character.  My prequel is about how he became Edward, who is a creation of a scientist in the real movie.  The actor who plays Edward’s creator is Vincent Price, so I found a creepy picture of him and have Johnny Depp (from Pirates of the Caribbean) running away from him, hands still in tact.  The film would be about him losing his hands and becoming Edward Scissorhands.  I kept the ‘dark’ theme for the title, as his future does seem pretty grim.

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