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For my next assignment I did grettings from ds106.  This assignment is to tell us where you are, where you’re from, or simply where you’d rather be and build a greeting card.

To make this greeting card I started off by finding my pictures.  I’m not going to tell you why (if you really wanna know you have to read my final story post when it comes out) but I am doing this greeting card for Chicago.  I decided that I wanted to use a picture of the skyline and the Chicago bean for my picture.  Knowing what I was looking for made it pretty easy to find these two pictures:

Chicago Skyline


I then imported them into gimp one and a time and rotated them so that they were are about a forty-five degree angle.  I imported the sky line one on the bottom and the bean one on the top.

I then imported a plain cream background to go over the middle of the two pictures where they overlap.


I then cut away the cream until it was just overlapping the middle of the two pictures.  I then added in the words “Welcome to Chicago.”

Here is my final product.  I hope you enjoy!!


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