Princess Natalie Can Do It!

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For the assignment to “Recycle the Media,” I made a story about a princess who, upon encountering a Rosie the Riveter poster, realizes she can decide her own fate and goes off on a journey of her own instead of waiting for prince charming.

I took a cartoon picture of a girl and put her in a field to provide the setting of her kingdom, which has weird birds living in it because the audio clip of birds were not the chirping type.  I photoshopped the photo of Rosie the Riveter onto the mural that was for Fizzlebottom’s in Downtown Fredericksburg.  I referenced Rapunzel because she did get her prince charming and there was a still from the movie Tangled, and then photoshopped Natalie onto the back of the pug horse that someone dumped in the recycling bin.

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