Safety in Pairs

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The Fandom Princess and the Prince continued their trek into town, all the while the Princess tightly held onto the gem with the tiny rose hidden inside.

As they reached the edge of town, both of their eyes scoured the area for a traveler or someone who seemed to be looking for a lost artifact. People bowed to the couple as they walked and tried to ask them questions or give them praise, but the Fandom royals just smiled politely and told them that they were on an important mission.

One person, a stranger to the Princess, walked up to them, a long black beard growing from his sagging face.

“How do you do?” The Prince asked, squeezing the Princess’ hand tightly.

“I wonder,” the stranger asked. “If you two would be of some assistance to me.”

As the Princess gazed at the man, she saw sadness laced his eyes. He seemed weary, lost, and miserable. She could hear it in the way that he spoke.

“What can we help you with?” she asked before the Prince could respond to anything.

“I have lost the item that the love of my life granted me with. It’s supposed to keep me safe on my travels,” the old man said.

The Prince and Princess exchanged small smiles, then from behind her back, the Princess pulled out the gem and held it in front of her. “It’s not very safe of you to be leaving gems this size lying around.” She slyly said.

The man began to weep as he took the gem  in his hands and stroked the top where the flower petals gently grazed the gem. “Thank you so much, your highness. Thank you, thank you!” 

Well, this was definitely a long two weeks worth of assignments. I tell you, this remixing business is a lot of hard work. But, I gotta say, once I got past the initial panic attack that occurred by just looking at the assignments, they assignments turned out to be quite rewarding to work on. And challenging, which is something that I do admire. I think if there was no challenge to these assignments, then they would just be really boring.

In any case, let’s do a roll call, shall we? Here’s a run-through of all the things that we had to do on our checklist for these last two weeks!

Firstly, my video where I explore remixing can be found here. I’m glad I watched these videos before I jumped into remixing things because they really did clear up a bunch about copyrighting and how exactly other forms of media could be remixed. Since whenever I think of remixes, I think music, it was interesting to see how other things could also fall into the category of being a mash-up or remix of something else. Neat stuff. Following that, this Remixing a Vacation assignment can be found here. And no, I didn’t like Popcorn and probably will be scarred from the stuff for the rest of my life… well, until the summer when I go see all the awesome summer movies and want some good old movie theater popcorn.

My Recycled Media assignment write-up can be found here. Once again, pleeeeease don’t think I’m a bad person for coming up with the story that I came up with! My creative juices were running low that day and this was the best it could do. Ah! Also, here’s where you can all find the Remixing a “Post-Photographic Portrait” challenge, an assignment that I first thought, honestly, wasn’t going to be as beneficial as it was, but it was really eye opening. My blog post for the Remix Challenge can be found here, and lastly, my mash-up assignments are here, and here.

I think that Remixing definitely is something that pop-culture and society has benefited, and will continue, to benefit from, because it is something that constantly allows people to create new things by building off of something that someone else has already done. It’s making things bigger, better, or just more thought provoking. In any case, it’s like a form of art. Some people won’t be hip to the idea, but a lot of people will (like when a good song is badly remixed and people hate it). But I think there’s definitely some happy memories and times in remixing media and making it into something else that can be deemed original.

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