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For my sixth assignment for my final I choose GIF Animate Your Day Like Ben.  This assignment is to capture key moments each as an animated GIF – as you go through a day look around and identify places, moments, things that are well represented in the infinite looping form.

For my assignment I choose to follow Taylor Swift around on a normal day.  Luckily Taylor’s “normal days” aren’t really that normal.  I decided to take videos from Taylor’s red tour and make them into gifs.  I looked up videos of her tour on youtube to find my videos.  Going though and trying to find ones that were good quality was quite difficult.  I had to search for a while until I found ones I was happy with.  I ended up finding videos from her songs Sparks Fly, her opening speech, Treacherous, State of Grace, and I Knew You Were Trouble.

To make my gifs I used this tutorial form the ds106 handbook.  While I had made gifs before, it had been a long time so I had to refresh myself.  I mainly used mpeg stream clip and and gimp for this assignment.

Here are my gifs I came up with. I sure wish this was an average day for me.


Opening Speech


State of Grace


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