Luigi Trips Balls

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I don’t think this was actually an assignment listed–might have been, might not.  Anyway, I took a couple videos off of youtube that involved Mario and Luigi and Peach, kept the music playing from the festival, mixed all the stuff up, then did some voice overs.  I did everything in iMovie.  First I took these two clips off of youtube and downloaded them using iLivid.

Then, I loaded them into iMovie, rearranging them as I saw fit.  After that, I removed all the sound.  Here’s some of my workspace.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 10.10.50 PM

After the sound was out, I looked through my iTunes and chose two songs that I saw fitting for the electronic dance festival and loaded them into the song.  After that, I did a few voice overs to fill in the blanks and people would understand what I was trying to do.  I ended up with this.


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