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While watching The Little Mermaid to do research for my final project (life is so hard, right?) I really really wanted to do this idea. I wanted to create an advertisement for Flotsam and Jetsam Private Eyes. Why? Because I can. I just really thought the whole idea of it was crazy, they are spying on Ariel throughout the movie and reporting back to Ursula so she knows what step to take. They do a great job as well.

So I decided to make an advertisement for them. But of course, I didn’t want to make it just any advertisement. I wanted it to be a GIF because I wanted to show people that I could still make one. So I did. ┬áHere is what I came up with:


I wanted the GIF to be them being very sly (so I used this clip), and this was a moment when they certainly were that. However, I think the thing that stands out the most is their eyes. It just is too perfect for them to be private eyes. In order to make their eyes stand out more, I decided to make my font that color. By simply using the color selector tool in GIMP I was able to get the yellowish green that I really wanted. Similarly, I wanted the background to be similar. So I once again used the tool and air brushed away. This gave it a more smudged feeling and made it look fairly realistic in my opinion. I mean I think this ad checks out, I would totally hire them! See if Ariel does in my final project, coming your way soon.

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Princess Karissa

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