The Closing Ceremonies

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Yes, the end is almost near for me. Especially since I just finished making my last media portion of my final project, so I just have to tell the story and put it all together, which shouldn’t be too hard since I know this story back and forth since I made it after all.

While looking at different final assignments that students have done, it seemed as though most of them did a where are they now assignment, in order to give a closure to the story itself. While yes there could be a cliff hanger, I don’t want to leave too much for the story telling experiencers to create on their own. So I decided to do one as well which incorporated only pictures that I had found online, mainly from this website. It really was an interesting perspective on Disney princesses! So here is my where is Ariel now video:

I made this using Windows Movie Maker and I decided to add some text in so that way we could see how she went from one picture to another one. I tried to make the crazy get progressively worse in this and I decided to play the bitter ballad “Fairytale” by Sara Barielles. Since I am a huge fan of hers I knew there was a more relaxed version and it took me a while to find it, but I did (ironically the original music video had it). I actually think that it gives the video a more positive feel to it because she got out of the Fairytale life, however it totally sucks that she did because it’s the life is great.


One, Two, Three, Four


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