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For my next assignment for my final project, I created a new assignment (yet again) which calls for creating an invitation to an event. I’m surprised that this wasn’t a design assignment already, but it doesn’t hurt to make a new one.

*I suggest reading this post after you read the final blog post*

So the event that the invitation was created for is a wedding! I am in serious wedding mode because my sister is getting married this weekend! I am so excited, but that is why I am up so late working on my final, because I need to be in South Carolina by Thursday and I want to be able to focus on it entirely. However, my sister’s wedding came in handy when making this assignment. My sister was very impressed with all of the work I had been doing for ds106 that she asked for me to make her wedding programs while I was home for spring break. It was actually an honor, my art was going to be part of her special day. After many drafts and emailing back and forth, we finally got a whole design (including a monogram and I made myself). Since I still had the monogram saved, I decided to just use that for my wedding.┬áThis made my planning stage so much easier. I had all of my fonts figured out and I had all the colors worked out as well.

Using Gimp I simply just added some more text describing the details of the wedding. However it still looked a bit bland to me, so since the wedding is taking place on the water, I decided to freestyle draw some waves on the bottom in blue with an accent color of green. I have a tablet laptop which means that I have a stylus that goes with it, so drawing things freehand is a bit easier than using a touch pad. I thought it came out nicely. What do you think?



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