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WooHoo! It’s final project time! Remember, I’m doing a story on Kate and William’s Royal Baby?? Well here is component number one!

An A-Z collage full of royal baby names. I tried to pick English names and there are all sorts of internet finds for guess of what the Royals will name their baby to be so I incorporated both. Of course I had to through a shameless plug in there and include my name! Kaitlyn, is a pretty great one after all, though it’s Irish…

I found some names via google images and others I made myself in picmonkey. I then uploaded them all to GIMP in layers and organized them. Initially I tried Picmonkey’s collage system, but some of the names were too long and it wasn’t creating the look I wanted. I’m happy with how this turned out!

Royal baby name collage

What do you think the royals will name their baby?

For a girl I’m thinking Alexandra (as are the British). If its a boy then I’m going to go with Phillip (though I used Penelope in the Collage!).

Stay tuned for more as I create more components to my story!

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