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George’s new dating adventure began by creating his online profile.  I used the web assignmentStorytelling within the Web, to edit an existing dating profile.

I tried to edit Match profiles for about an hour, but they wouldn’t let me see anyone’s profile without signing up.  When I tried to do that, the process was WAY too long, and at the end, they wanted me to subscribe.  Instead, I used OkCupid, because it’s a free dating site.  I used someone else’s profile to start my editing.

I chose to use Mozilla Hackasaurus’s X-Ray Googles, because I remembered how easy it was to use the earlier this semester. I started with all of George’s info: movies, height, education, what he’s looking for, etc.  Then I gave him a profile picture.  When I was done, the site freaked out and I lost everything. It took me  three tries to finish the editing process, but in the end, it finally worked!

Check it out! Curious George’s dating profile 

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