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One night during a break from Mercury, the Fandom Princess and her sister, Princess Courtney, were up late with the box of light balls that their parents had given to them when they were younger. The balls floated in midair above their heads as their fingers worked at lines of colorful pieces of yarn. Ghost lied lazily beside them, half watching and half sleeping. They were crocheting bracelets for their parents as gifts. The Princess was creating the bracelet for their father; his was made of gold and purple yarn, with an accent of black. Even though the Princess knew he would probably never wear the girly thing, she knew that he would keep it in a special place in the castle. Courtney was taking care of their mother’s, making hers out of purple, green, and blue yarn, colors that complimented the King’s, but included her favorite color, green.

As the two sisters sat up weaving, they talked about everything under the moon, including the Princess’ recent adventures with Harold, the talking frog. Courtney would exchange stories that she heard from the trolls when they passed through, and tell of her own suitor, Edward, that she had. Together, the sisters laughed and weaved late into the night. Then, just as the balls of light were dwindling back into their wooden box, yearning for rest, they tied the ends of the bracelets and left them on top of the dining table in the main room and sleepily dragged off to sleep. 

Oh no, this is so weird. The last of the DS106 assignments are now here. :( Well, all good things do indeed come to an end, I suppose.

Well, as part of my final project, this post is dedicated to one of the story telling elements, which you’ll be able to explore later on. ;)

I won’t spill the details of the full story until the end, but just follow these little bread crumb posts until the last post, where you’ll get the full story, I promise!

Anyway, this assignment was another Storytelling with the Web assignment. In my story, my two characters are planning a wedding, so this newly remixed/remade Pintrest board that I made showcases a bunch of what they plan on using and the possible theme of the wedding. As before, I used the X-Ray Goggles provided by Hackasaurus, and clicked around the already colorful page to rewrite responses to the things pinned to make it sound like something my main character would say.

I also tried to add in some other characters so that you could see who all is involved with the wedding. Hopefully a little bit of my  main character’s thoughts and personality came through as well. Maybe you can figure out the two characters without me even telling you.

Here’s a snippit, but the full newly designed Pintrest can be found here. Enjoy!

Charlotte's Mardi Gras Wedding Ideas

Oh! And here’s the link to the original. 

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