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The Second component for my Final Project was to complete the 5 star assignment of Storytelling within the Web. You will see this assignment in another post as well because I am using it twice!

For this assignment though I wanted to make Kate’s Royal Baby Pinterest board. I went to Pinterest and typed in “baby boards” and got a lot of options. Then I tried “Royal Baby Boards” and I was shocked as to how many came up. It was sorta alarming, there were tons of boards about baby bump watches for Kate, kinda creepy if you ask me. Finally I settled on this one. There were a fair amount of pins and covered different baby items.

I used the X-Ray Goggles to change all the pin labels. Overall it was an easy process. Obviously I’ve never talked to Kate, so I really have no idea what sorts of words she uses. But she appears very classy and elegant, so I used words like “adorable”  ”perfection” and “lovely” to describe things, I feel like she’d use those words a fair amount.

Here is a little preview, but click on the link below to check out the website!

Preview of Royal Pinterest Board

Royal baby board

Would you follow HRH Kate on Pinterest if she had one? I know I would!

Okay This wraps up another assignment for the final! On to the next one, which is another web storytelling one!

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