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Originally I was going to create a video of different people guessing what Kate’s baby as going to be and a possible name. But then I ran out of time :(

So I replaced it with another video assignment, “This is my story” (2 stars). I was trying to figure out how to do this assignment. When I realized that I could just print a picture of her out and create the index cards! I am a genius ;) It took me like 5 times to film because the cards kept slipping and you couldn’t see the words. It’s really hard to hold a picture and index cards and have no idea what people can see because I couldn’t see the screen.

When I uploaded it to iMovie, I could tell that some of the words were still “missing” but I just decided to roll with it. But no that it’s on Youtube it seems like its even harder to read :(

So here is what the cards say: (SPOILER Alert!) If you want to see the whole story together, just wait on reading this and watching the video.

‘Hello I’m Kate. Duchess of Cambridge. I’m pregnant. Which means I should be Happy. But I’m not. The Queen has been so demanding about everything lately. Telling me how the baby will be raised, where the child will go to school. Do I not get an opinion? This is MY baby, NOT HERS! I told Will that we had to leave London. So now we are in Nepal… The Queen was not happy at ALL.But she will have to get over it. We will stay here through the baby’s birth and maybe longer… I do love London and miss my family terribly. But…I can’t be told how to raise my child. I know that Will, will take care of the baby and I. I can’t wait to meet our little Prince or Princess! Only a few more months.”

Here is my work in iMovie

Kate's story


I added some music to this video as well. It is actually the music/song she walked down the aisle to, at her wedding.

And here is the video.

This video, as you will see in the final story, is a video that she made as a reflection piece. Not to share with the world. The way I’ve written the story is like it comes from her diary.

Up next: The final story!

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