Abe Lands in NYC

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I could not find any existing assignment in the visual assignments repository that matched this piece of the story. As my story goes, Abe Lincoln is time warped from his chair in 1865 to Times Square in 2013. I wanted to create an image to capture this. My method was fairly simple. I used Google Images search to find the appropriate Abraham Lincoln photograph I wanted to use. I then searched for an image of Times Square that I would be able to photoshop the picture of Lincoln into. Here are the two I decided on. For the Times Square picture I really liked the fact that I could morph the image into making it seem as though people were taking pictures of Lincoln.



I then used pixlr to edit these images. I first cropped excess space out of the Lincoln picture, and then used the lasso tool to remove everything except Abe and his chair. Here is my workspace right after I finished with the lasso tool.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 4.15.34 PM

After this step, the rest was relatively simple. I was able to copy and paste Abe into the Times Square image. I then used some paint brushing to touch it up to try to make him look planted on the ground rather than floating in mid-air. I began working on changing the color tone of his suit to look more modern and less brown, but I sort of like the fact that he sticks out and makes it obvious he is from a different century with his color. Here is the final product.



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