All the Hooting and Hollering Summary week 9

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The radio show I reviewed was fairly well done.  I thought about different elements as I listened to what they came up with. I noticed that the sound quality was a little off at times because of background noise.  A few times the background was distracting and took away form the radio show.  The edits seemed to go together smoothly.  One of the effects right after the intro was a little awkward.  There was an odd voice that I’m not sure if it was supposed to be there or not.The music was not too loud or too soft.  It also fit the theme they were trying to get across.  However some of the elements came across as forced and as if the individual was not really into what they were trying to do.  The over all structure was quite good.

My groups radio show turned out well.  We all got together and planned out what we were going to do and how we planned to stick with our Fifth Demension theme.  We all made commercials and bumpers to use during the radio show.  We went through the audio assignments and chose 2 or 3 each and made them.  I think our theme was followed pretty well.  You could tell at times that each person may have taken the theme a little bit differently.  But somehow it all seemed to fit together.  The music and sound effects were nice and effective.  In the future it would be better to get together in person instead of just online.  It would have helped to work out all the kinks and make the show as a whole go more smoothly.  It also would have helped everyone do an equal and fair amount of work.

My Story Telling within a Website was on the kindle and how much I dislike it.  I put in puns and disapprovals.  I did it with x-ray goggles tool and  I only did the initial full screen.  I did not scroll down to do the entire web page because it was quite large. Check it Out right here and dont’ buy a kindle.  EVER!

I did an additional 5 stars worth of assignments:

3 Stars were a twitter I made for a story book character.  I was Pooh bear from winnie the pooh.  I made to some what legit and a lot of fun.  It is what it would be like if the hundred acre woulds had the internet.

A trip I took to bethany beach was 2 stars.  It was a foggy and rainy night.  The car broke down.  One of the streets we were suppose to turn onto did not exist.  It took 7 hours instead of 4 to get there.  I will never forget this!


The comment character I created was a valley girl.  She did not come across as very intelligent.  Along with that she used words such as “like” “totally” and “whatever”.  I tried my best to write in a way that the person reading it would know exactly what the girl sounded like.  Because this is a common character I tried to give her a little bit of a twist by having her get something completely wrong about the post and or start talking about something that has nothing to do with anything.

The three daily creates I did were:

Draw a picture of how waiting for something makes me feel


Haiku about a piece of fruit: Strawberry

Craft a haiku about a piece of fruit.

And finally Redo the day plan

Today  re done  Share your plan for today  if you were given a do over.

To connect them I I created a kind of story:  My day did not go as I planned.  If I could do it over I would.  I would have slept later, met up with my friend, and talked with the guy I like, but mainly I would not have eaten that strawberry.  I just love how they taste, but I’m allergic.  I ate it anyway and I had to wait such a long time for the allergic reaction to go away.  My face looked just like the picture I drew.  It was a tough day that I want to do over.  Silly strawberry!

My recycles = I used a picture of a flower that I wanted to use in the visual or design weeks, but did not.  The cupcakes were going to be one of my daily creates about math but I took an event better one later.  The last was going to be used in a 5 picture video.

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