It’s All Over

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Ron attempted to win Veronica’s heart with the video, but it didn’t work.  During the middle of a nice date, she got up and left him at the table.  After making a complete 180, Veronica was cruel to him from that point forward.  There was no real reason for it except that sometimes people are just not who you think they are.  After conceding to his loss, Ron made one final media project to demonstrate his sadness.

For this, I had to find numerous clips from the movie of Veronica and Ron interacting in the movie.  A lot of cutting and editing went into this one and took me a few hours to create.  Once I finally finished trimming the clips, I assembled them in the order of: meet, get along, fall for each other, Veronica leaves him, they fight, Ron is sad, they fight again, Ron cries.  In the mean time, the song I found on (“Falling out of love” by Abhishek Bagalkot) suited what I was trying to get across for Ron.

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