Kate’s Royal Diary. A look into this pregnant mom’s life.

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The final project is here! Hope you enjoy! I’ve written this like you are reading bits and pieces from Kate’s private diary…


Eek! I this is such wonderful news! William will be ecstatic and I know the rest of the royal family will be as well, even though the Queen never shows any sort of excitement (of don’t tell her I said that!). I must go tell the rest of the family….

Well that morning sickness is no joke, I was in the hospital a few days, seemed a bit extreme for me, but the royal doctor and the Queen felt it was best. The press found out about my stay, so we had to confirm the pregnancy. It’s not that I wanted to deny it, as I am OH so happy! But I just wanted to keep this all private for a  few more months until I can’t physically hide it anymore. I can just see the rumors of “It’s twins” and “Is Will really the dad?” circulating through the tabloids now. Well I promise you that the answers to those questions are no and yes, respectively.

Since the doctor wants me to continue to rest, I guess now would be a great time to consider baby names. There are just so many names and there is so much pressure to choose a name. Since we don’t know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, I’ve come up with a bunch I like! I hope William will like some of these too.

Royal baby name collage

Looking at baby items  is so much fun! I decided to create a Pinterest board so I can have all the baby things I love in one place! Look at all these great finds. Perfect for a royal baby!

Preview of Royal Pinterest Board

I can’t believe I am 4 months along already, I feel like this pregnancy is flying. I did some research and I think this stroller would be great! It’s practical and says its “fit for a royal baby” I need something that will be easy to use on the go when I am about with our little royal! Plus, this is a British company and I love supporting local companies. This pregnancy is just such a blessing.

Royal Baby Stroller

Only three more months to go before the little one arrives and I’m not sure how much longer I’ll make it. I’m physically feeling fine and the baby is doing very well. But the Queen is just taking a toll on me. Since I’ve last written she’s just be hounding me on the way the baby will be brought up, how we must have a nanny at all times, what preschool the baby will attend. Umm the baby isn’t even born, so how can we she already decide where to send our child. I mean after all its our baby, NOT hers. My mum thinks I need to just relax, but this is getting to be too much. I worry if I tell William he will be upset and think I am being disrespectful to his grandmother, but I just can’t take it anymore. I think Will and I need to get out of here, I don’t want to raise my child in this sort of environment. It was hard enough for me to transition into this life. I don’t want my baby to suffer with being told what their every move must be… What will I do?

I HAVE HAD IT. The queen is just being unfair. She said that the baby will stay with a nurse every night and then go away to boarding school at four years old. She is saying that I really have no say in the matter because I am not a blood royal and William can’t do much because she has power over him. This is becoming a nightmare. I want to take care of my child at all hours of the day and night. My baby will not be taken away from me. I’ve got to tell William.

William was so much more understanding than I thought he would be. He said he would speak with the Queen, but agreed that it might be best to leave London for a while to not cause further stress on my body and the baby. But he said we will have to be secretive about the trip because the Queen will try to stop us from going. I have no idea where we will go, or for how long, but I’ve just got to get away.

Travel Log

map of travel

William and I were able to get away in the private jet last night. We are on our way to Kathmandu, Nepal. I know that sounds like a bizarre place to go. But it’s away from press, from people, and most importantly THE QUEEN! This is the perfect place to get away and relax. We plan on staying here for the time being. I don’t  think we will go back to Britain until after the baby is born because soon it will be to risky to fly back and I don’t want to have this baby on a plane. William is being so supportive.

We are getting closer to the due date, only a couple more months to go. Nepal is the place for us right now. Everyone has been so kind. The Queen was furious at us for leaving. William even went back to London for a few days to calm her down. I will not let anyone tell me how to treat and care for my unborn child, who maybe the future ruler of England. I’ve been spending a lot of time mediating with the Buddhist monks in the monasteries’ here, I am trying to prepare for this labor as best as possible.

I created this video as a way to express my feelings. I don’t plan to release it because that defeats the purpose of escaping the media. But during my reflections with the monks yesterday, I decided this would be a good way to share my feelings, even if I’m the only one who ever sees it. Also, while Will is in London, I’ve vowed myself to silence for the next three days to connect to my inner being, along with the monks. It is so peaceful.

I know that everyone wants to know about the baby and when he or she is born we will share the news with the world. But as far as the near future and our plans on raising our child in London, well that has yet to be determined…

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